It’s a new year and you may have made New Year’s resolutions. A common one that people make and are just as common to break is to get more physically fit. There may be several reasons to break this resolution, but one compelling reason not to – your success.

According to Forbes.com contributing writer, Carmine Gallo, successful people like Apple CEO Tim Cook and First Lady, Michelle Obama wake up early and are in the gym by 5 a.m. Being physically fit enables a busy CEO or business owner the energy to handle longer work hours and heavy travel schedules. Many companies are realizing the benefits and offer discounted gym memberships and other wellness programs to their employees. Studies show that healthier employees are more productive ones. One way to achieve physical fitness and success is regular exercise. How are the two correlated?

Reduced Stress
Running a business can be stressful. Increased stress can lead to high blood pressure, insomnia depression and other health issues. If gone untreated, these can grow worse leaving people unable to run their businesses because they are too ill. Exercising releases endorphins which enhances mood inoculating a person from the negative effects of stress.

Boosts Brain Power
Companies that can adapt and innovate are often the most successful ones. Those that can come up with the next big idea will edge out their competition. Exercising increases oxygen to the brain and enables people to think more clearly. A Psychology Today article cites a study that exercising can boost memory and decrease errors when task switching (moving from one task to another).

Increases Discipline
Success doesn’t happen by accident. It takes discipline to be successful in business. Committing to an exercise routine takes discipline. Being disciplined gives people a better sense of self-control. Believing that people control their destinies rather than being controlled helps people stick to goals even when times are tough. The discipline is takes to exercise or stick to goals will increase the likelihood for success.

Sleeping Better
Moderate exercise like walking or light aerobics (as long as it’s done at least three hours before bedtime) can help people sleep better and longer. Better sleep increases energy and allows the brain to function more efficiently. People make better decisions after a good night’s sleep while sleep deprivation inhibits the ability to properly assess negative outcomes. The ability to make good decisions can be the difference between success and failure.

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