Last of the tips on branding for small business:

Monitor Reporters Using A Private Twitter List
“If you’re not monitoring reporters on Twitter (using a private list,) then you’re missing out on a vital opportunity to learn what makes them truly tick. Twitter is the holy grail of PR – it allows you insight into what reporters are actually interested in, and what they want to know, all from behind a “veil,” so to speak. Pay close attention, then strike when the iron is hot, and they’ll think you’re clairvoyant with how targeted your next pitch is.”
– Flynn Zaiger,CEO of Online Optimism

Be A Thought Leader By Sharing Helpful Industry Data
“Thought leadership (eek, a buzzword) can be a bold strategy that some companies are hesitant to invest in—by which I mean providing your audience or customers with useful, genuinely interesting content that’s intended to inform on larger trends (not persuade on the level of your company or product). Tactically, that can mean different things, depending on your business. For B2B companies, providing insights and potential opportunities backed by research can be very effective; data is press-worthy, especially when the stats you’re citing haven’t already been stated in a million different ways. I would also suggest that conceptual frameworks are easy for the press (and your audience) to grab onto.”
– Kim Gaskins, Director of Content Development at Latitude

Do Something Philanthropic and/or Green
“A great way to get publicity can be to write about a conservation or philanthropy that you support. Green is a big topic right now and if you institute a recycling plan, change to biodegradable packaging or perhaps have a company outing to plant some trees – this is a great story to share. Any philanthropic event is a media eye-catcher too. Have your staff participate in a charity walk or 5K, raise money for a good cause and make a donation. Then share your actions and encourage others to give back. Promote your story and be certain to share any media you receive with your team, clients and potential clients.”
– Ed McMasters, Director of Marketing and Communications at Flottman

Tips Courtesy of Beth McCrae of the Beth McCrae PR Company

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