You’ve got a company with excellent products or services, knowledgeable staff, and a loyal customer base, but you want to take your business to that next level. You need brand exposure. Last Sunday companies with well known brands paid 4.5 million dollars for ads during the Super Bowl. Small business owners don’t have to spend that kind of money for exposure. In the coming weeks, the PACC blog will discuss tips on branding for small business from experts. Tips provided by Beth McRae of the McRae agency.

Start With A Compelling Story
“Your rolodex is getting less and less important. What has become important is having a compelling story. You can reach just about any journalist or editor now, you just need to get their attention. Publicists argue that they already have their attention, but without a compelling story, even a publicist can’t do anything. Lastly, journalists love to speak to the source, much more than the source’s publicist.”
– Erik Huberman at HawkeMedia

Focus On One Or Two Outlets And Follow On Social Media
“Social media may not be “new” to everyone, but I work with many small businesses who avoid it because they’re overwhelmed by it. Where do I start? What do I post/tweet? I find if they can take the time to focus on one or two outlets, this can be effective in helping them achieve media coverage.
For example, on Twitter, they can “follow” reporters of interest. Many times, reporters will follow them in return. If they can start out by keeping up with just a couple of outlets, I find they’re more likely to stay with it and get results.
– Michelle Messenger Garrett, PR Consultant

Use Permission Based PR
“Traditionally, when we wanted to get media for our clients, we’d just send a pitch email, including the media release. While this worked for some, it wasn’t foolproof for most startups. Now, we identify a month early what journalists we’re targeting and send a simple intro email; introducing ourselves and asking their permission to send them a pitch(s) in the future. We also ask what style they prefer, how much notice they like, etc. Not only does this work – we’ve noticed a large increase in coverage rates as a result.”
– Heather Carson, President and Co-Founder of Onboardly Media

Stay tuned for more great tips.

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