St-Nicholas-of-Myra -The Real Santa ClausMerry Christmas for PACC. Have you ever wondered about the real Santa Claus?

Most people equate Santa Claus as the jolly fat man with the white beard on whose lap parents drop their children on at the mall, lives at the North Pole, and despite his girth, has the ability to slide down chimneys to place presents under Christmas trees. Sorry, folks, but that’s not the real Santa Claus.

The real Santa Claus was Saint Nicholas who was a Bishop in Myra which is now called Turkey. He was a defender of the Christian faith who used his inherited wealth to help the poor. He later was transformed into Sinterklass by Dutch Settlers.

Click on the link to watch a video to learn how about how two New Yorkers “Americanized” the man who became known as Santa Claus. Apologies for having to watch a lame ad – Tis the Season _ Bah Humbug! Thanks History Channel!

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