leadership in effectively managing employeesThe workplace has become a diverse environment. People from different backgrounds are working toward one common purpose whether it’s the economic viability of the business, or in the case of a non-profit organization, to fulfill the vision and mission. No man (or woman) is an island. Your leadership role is especially important to success in the workplace. Here are some tips to effectively managing employees.

Written policies
Even if you run a small business, it is a good to have written policies. That way employees know what your expectations are. Having a written policy ensures that rules have a purpose and are not enforced arbitrarily. Written policies can also help in case any legal issues arise. For more specifics about what a written policy should entail, you should consult an employment attorney.

Create a professional and respectful environment
People don’t want to work for an organization where they feel their work and ideas are not respected. Not only is it demoralizing for those individuals, but they are also less likely to perform their jobs effectively or go the extra mile. Worse, if a manager knowingly or unknowingly allow non-professional environments to fester, this could create a legally actionable offense.

Hold everyone, including yourself, accountable
Everyone has a job to do, even you. As a manager or the owner of a small business, you need to set the standard. If you set deadlines, you need to keep them. If you promise to perform certain tasks, you need to complete them. Employees will respond more positively if they see that you are not holding them to a higher standard than yourself.

Shut down workplace conflicts quickly
Ignoring the issues or leaving them to your employees to resolve won’t make them go away. Listen to both sides stories. Make it clear that you want the issue(s) resolved, and that you expect both parties to be part of the solution. Do not choose sides as you really don’t know what the “truth” is. Your job is mediator not judge.

Give everyone a seat at the table
A lot of tech companies and start-ups have eliminated top-down decision making. They know that great ideas come from anyone regardless of his or her role in the company. By allowing employees some autonomy, this can help foster a more collaborative environment. As a manager, sometimes you will need to say  no to an idea, but people appreciate that they have a voice and it is being heard.

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