Last year the average person spent five and a half hours a day watching videos of some kind. Today’s abundance of technology has led to a mass influx of video consumption. As a result, video has emerged as the most powerful and direct form of marketing. Mobile users now also have instant access to digital media resources, making video directly available 24/7. If you haven’t yet committed to investing in a video marketing strategy, here are our top five reasons to reevaluate:

1. Video is Highly Effective
Video is more accessible than ever. Reaching millions upon millions, it’s everywhere you look. Even on the gas pumps. Which means consumers are more likely to absorb advertisements from video than any other medium. According to Diode Digital, online video is a 600% more effective marketing tool than print and direct mail combined! Due to their capability, major search engines place a lot of importance on video content.

2. Greatly Improve Your SEO
Including videos in marketing strategies not only increases the likelihood of consumer engagement exponentially, they will automatically give you a greater chance of ranking higher in search results. Videos increase the likelihood of a front page Google result by 53 times. Better SEO = higher traffic + increased website engagement by the consumer.

3. Increased Customer Conversions
When videos begin to generate views, that produces increased leads and larger conversion rates. In fact, 76% of businesses say that video produces a good return on investment (ROI). Landing pages with a video have 800% more conversion than ones without a video!

4. Attention + Engagement + Retention
Videos are easier for customers to digest as the average person has only an eight second attention span. Plus, they drive more engagement than any other type of content available today. Websites with videos more than double the amount of time a viewer will spend on it. The higher comprehension results in viewers remembering what they see, which means more of a chance to retain customers!

5. Social Media
There is no better way to boost social media content and presence than the use of video. Videos make social media messages more effective, and have an impact on a wider audience. Consumers love to engage by sharing videos they like on social media websites, giving your content more views. When utilized properly, video is the best way to stay relevant through social media.

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