Video marketing is an extremely powerful tool. Production costs for videos can range from very expensive to reasonably affordable, depending on the value. In order to gauge what type of video production you need, you must evaluate what you want to get from the video.

The first thing you must determine is a concept for content. Do you want a sizzle reel that highlights who your company is and what it does? Or do you want a video of client testimonials to build your company’s credibility and trust with the viewers? There are many different approaches you can take with a digital media campaign, so make sure to decide accordingly.

A few things to consider when developing a concept for videos:
Know who your target audience is! This is vital to your production and will help you create a more personal and effective video.
Define the message. You can’t explain everything about your company in one video, so narrow the focus. Eventually you will develop different videos for different purposes. Start simple – with one video or video series.
Determine a budget. By now you should have an idea of what your video or series will consist of. Production costs can vary depending on if you hire a team, videographer, or simply do the production in-house. (Remember that costs can add up quickly when you take into account everything like equipment, lighting, location fees, craft-services etc!)

Once you decide which direction to take you are ready for pre-production. If your company does not have a video production team, that’s ok!

Pre-production consists of creating a script, storyboard and shot-list as well as organizing a call-sheet, production schedule and equipment list. It may seem daunting, but these are all crucial steps to ensuring a smooth and organized production. Free templates for these are all available online.

Video production resources have increased hand-in-hand with the boom in video consumption, making amateur video production easier than ever. Although, using a
professional is recommended. Videographers are easy to find and can be affordable.
Undoubtedly many factors will influence your budget and production value, but
remember this will be your company’s ultimate way of interacting with the consumers,
so don’t be too stingy.

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