We would like to give a warm welcome to our newest member Sande Roberts who joined PACC last Tuesday at the meeting. 

Sande has been in the behavioral health field for over twenty-five years, specializing in crisis intervention and suicide prevention. Sande Roberts

She has an MA in Clinical Psychology from New College of California, and is currently Adjunct Faculty at Phoenix College.

Sande has a unique sense of humor and uses unconventional approaches to achieve lasting results. She coaches, consults and mentors individuals, businesses, teams, and governments so they can function better together, and with teammates, employees, customers, and families.

 Sande works with those in highly visible professional positions and careers.

This includes military, police, fire, government and sports.

 Sande’s three favorite presentations and trainings are: 

  • Recognizing Warning Signs of Suicide 
  • The Language of Money 
  • Conflict Resolution: Interventions for All Occasions, from Laughter Engaging to Life Saving

 Sande’s mantra: “Suicide happens to young, old, rich, poor, sick, and healthy. 

Fortunately there are some definite warning signs which when acted upon, can help save lives.”

 Please take a moment and welcome her to the Phoenix PACC family. 

Sande Roberts 480.748.5527

[email protected]



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