The Super Bowl is a place where NFL teams and players etch their names in history, as the world pauses what they are doing to watch the NFC and the AFC representatives square off for the chance to call themselves Super Bowl Champions.

This is the biggest single day in sports every year as the excitement seems to only increase as time goes on, as everyone anxiously awaits to see who will make a game changing play that will be talked about and looked at for years to come.

It is where the likes of Joe Montana, Ray Lewis, Tom Brady and countless others have made their name and have put themselves among the greatest football players of all time.

For this upcoming Super Bowl, the NFL is going Gold to celebrate the Golden 50th Anniversary of the Super Bowl. This huge occasion will be played out in Levi Stadium in the Golden State of California and PACC- the Pro Athlete and Business Network is raffling off Two Golden Tickets to the Golden Super Bowl!

You could be a part of the action, taking in the amazing sights and sounds of the Super Bowl live, in the stands for the biggest Super Bowl yet!

PACC is a company that focuses on connecting businesses to professional athletes in a safe, vetted environment that allows for all parties involved to benefit from our extensive network. PACC works with businesses and professional athletes on an online platform called PACC Connect, as well as in person events a few times a month allowing for our members engage each other and grow their network and their business.

This growing idea stems from PACC CEO John Bronson’s experience as an NFL tight end for the Arizona Cardinals where he saw the value that could bring vetted business owners to professional athletes. PACC is that Golden idea that looks to add value to everyone’s business.

A single Super Bowl ticket could cost and upward of $10,000 for this Golden event, but you can put your name in the drawing to win two tickets for just $10 on our donation format.

You can buy more than just 1 raffle entry based on how much you are willing to pay (Certified PACC Members will receive the opportunity to buy raffle tickets for 2 for the price of 1) to increase your odds of winning, when PACC announces the winner of the drawing live on Periscope on December 1st at 6PM EST.

Please click here to learn more and purchase a ticket(s).

PACC will also be raffling off smaller prizes such as signed memorabilia and other exciting prizes.

This Golden Ticket Raffle is an amazing opportunity to win tickets to the biggest game of the year and be a part of history, as it plays out live in front of the entire world, which are memories that will last a life time.
Will you be there when history is made?

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